"I thought I was healthy!"

Without checking your blood markers you won’t know!

Are you healthy on the inside? 40% of normal weight people are metabolically sick and don’t know it.

This one simple test can tell if you are at risk for diabetes, heart attack, and stroke.

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Chronic disease is preventable and reversible. Most of us do not eat perfectly. How do you know if you are OK? Knowing your data will allow you to screen and track improvements in your health. Changes to your diet and fitness program are the solution.


Everyone should check their biomarkers at least once per year.  Abnormal labs should be rechecked every 3 months while making lifestyle changes.


How It Works

Test your chronic disease biomarkers with convenience in 3 simple easy steps.

Step 1

Get Your Kit

Order online. Your collection kit comes in a week.

Step 2

Collect & Send Sample

Follow the easy to use instructions to collect your sample and mail it back to the lab.

Step 3

Access your results online

You will be notified when your results are available to view on your secure account. We present your results in a color coded, easy to understand page with descriptions and discussions specific to your results.

Solution to Chronic Disease

There is a solution to chronic disease. Fitness and health exist on a continuum. You have the ability to move your position along the curve with proper nutrition and exercise.

“ Our assumption is that everything we can measure about health will conform to this continuum then it seems that sickness, wellness and fitness are different measures of a single quality: health.”

— Greg Glassman

Key Benefits of Home Lab Test Kits

Control over your own health

Take control over your personal health and wellness instead of needing to go to a doctor.

No approval needed

You do not need to have a prior authorization from a doctor or insurance company to decide what is best for you.

Monitor your health

Track your health over time by repeating your labs periodically.

Suitability and Convenience

Home lab test kits allow you to complete necessary tests when you want to and on your terms.

Affordability is the key

Home lab test kits are often substantially less expensive than testing done at a traditional health facility.

Going to the lab is an option

If you are afraid to do your own test at home, we do offer the option to go to the lab.

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Chronic Disease

By understanding chronic disease and monitoring your biomarkers, you can be a Warrior of your own health.

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As Warriors, the most powerful weapon we have in the war on chronic disease is nutrition.

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Warriors need both proper nutrition and exercise to effectively fight chronic disease.

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Don’t take our word for it

“Become useless to the healthcare system: Get healthy.

We live in a time in which the individual has the potential to take control over personal health and obtain results superior to that provided by the doctor or healthcare system.”

Dr. William Davis is the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller, Wheat Belly. His most recent book is Undoctored: Why Health Care Has Failed You and How You Can Become Smarter Than Your Doctor. He is also introducing the new Undoctored Health Workplace Program being adopted by employers.

Bill Davis, MD

“I am very excited about utilizing The Warrior Clinic so that our members and program participants are able to track their biometric profile conveniently and affordably. The more information they and I have, the more we can improve their health and lives.”

Shane has worked through Crossfit, his yoga studio, and partnerships with employers and insurance companies to change lives by focusing on what it means to be healthy and fit.

Shane Edrington
Affiliate Owner, CrossFit North Scottsdale, and Level 3 Trainer

“Chronic disease is the greatest problem in health today. Biomarker screening will help people identify if they are at risk, we are excited for The Warrior Clinic to be able to make this testing available to everyone.”

Dr. Sean Rockett is an orthopedic surgeon, better known as 321GOMD, and Dr. Ronda Rockett is a physician and owner of CrossFit Launchpad.

Sean Rockett, MD and Ronda Rockett, MD

“The Warrior Clinic offers the best defense against chronic disease.”

Donnie is an All-Pro NFL linebacker, Founder of Best Defense Foundation, and a health advocate and Kathryn is best known as a Domestic Goddess and an RHOBH.

Donnie and Kathryn Edwards

“The Warrior Clinic partnering with affiliates allows a comprehensive approach to health, and solutions to the widespread epidemic across America. Together we can provide an accessible and affordable solution to chronic disease with a cost effective at home monitoring system.”

Octane CrossFit has made it their mission to fight chronic disease.

Regan Doele
Affiliate Owner, Octane CrossFit

“What you don’t know can hurt you, so don’t put off finding out! Nothing could be easier or more convenient than this simple home test kit to determine the important biomarkers of your current metabolic state and follow your progress as you heal. What a boon to health.”

Drs. Michael and Mary Dan Eades are physicians and the authors of 14 books in the fields of health, nutrition, and exercise over the last several decades—among them the New York Times mega-bestseller Protein Power and its follow-up The Protein Power LifePlan that laid out one of the first nutritional concepts of a paleo lifestyle. The Drs. Eades have been guest nutritional experts on hundreds of radio and television shows across the country and speak at medical and scientific conferences. They are currently working on their fifteenth book, Protein Power 2.0, slated for publication in 2019.

Michael Eades, MD and Mary Dan Eades, MD

“We find the laboratory data offered by The Warrior Clinic to be invaluable for screening and monitoring progress along the path from chronic disease to chronic health.”

CrossFit Medicus One is a leader in bringing long-term health benefits of the CrossFit lifestyle to the chronically ill and unfit.

Tom Siskron IV, MD and Ken Sanders, MD
Founders of CrossFit Medicus One

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