The following link shows how to collect a sample. View the video Blood DS Self Collection. It is important that enough blood gets on the collection device. Four drops may not be sufficient for some individuals. Please view examples at  Blood DS Samples.
If you are ordering our in-lab kit through Quest, you will need to visit a lab convenient to you to complete the test(s). Find your nearest Quest location here.
Your order is valid for 6 months from the date you placed it. However, after collecting your sample it must be mailed within 24 hours. It should not be stored in a hot environment such as a parked car prior to mailing. The testing kit has been shown to be stable for one month after collection, but it may be effected by exposure to elevated temperatures or a delay in testing after collection.
Yes. You need to be fasting for the lipid test, so we recommend doing the test right when you get up in the morning. It is best to be fasting for at least 10 hours. If you choose to go to a lab to check your insulin level you will also need to be fasting for this test.
You should receive your kit within 1 week, and results 1 week after you return the kit. You will receive an email notifying you when your results are ready.
If you do not receive your kit two weeks after placing your order or your results two weeks after mailing your sample, we will send you a replacement kit. Please email us at  
18 years and older.
Currently the testing is available in every state except RI, NY, and NJ.
We do not provide insurance coverage. However if you have an HSA/FSA you may be able to apply the cost of the test. You will need to check your policy to confirm.
Not yet! But we are working on it - check back soon for this feature. Right now the person whose name is on the account must be the person who submits the test.
No. We do not offer refunds at this time.
You do not need to change your medications to take the tests. Whenever changes are made to your diet or exercise program it is important to discuss this with your physician.
You do not need a doctor to order the tests. If your tests are outside the normal range we recommend you share your results with your physician.
No. Unfortunately, it is currently only available in the United States.
Yes! If you are interested in becoming an affiliate click here.

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